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Renting is The New Buying

A home is a home, whether rented or owned; it’s a place where you live your happy and sad moment altogether. But as purchasing a home involves a hefty investment, most people rather choose to rent a house for better savings. When it comes to renting a property, the lengthy process eliminates the excitement of getting a new home to live in. A rented households the same worth as that of an owned property, and hence should be chosen carefully. Whether you are landlords with their listings available for rent or you are tenants looking for a rented property, we are here to provide you best rental property options throughout the state of Connecticut and the State of New York. At HJL Realty, LLC we are here to assist you with all your rented housing need for offices, single-family units, multi-family apartments, building apartments and others so on. We are a trusted and leading team of real estate agents who can help you out throughout the process of renting a house. From advertising the property to bringing the quality tenants, to agreement and documentation requirement, our real estate agency in New York will cater it all owing to our expertise.

For Tenants

Get the space you want – We feature a range of top apartment rental sites that may fit your budget, space and your requirement. From checking out the pictures to site visiting, our process will be transparent and straight forward. And the rentals will be reasonable and as per your convenience so that you will pay for what you get. Let us know your unique requirements, like pet-friendly apartments, we can help you with the best house rental sites at earliest. Documentation – Rental Agreement is a necessity as soon as you get the desirable property. This will ensure safety for both. We will take care of all the needs related to legal work and will get all this done for you to reduce hassles.

For landlord

Get the tenant you want- Let’s know your requirement for the type of tenant, specific business, job, category, or anything else so that we will bring the potential renters to you. We will help you get the most competitive rentals as per the amenities and location of the property. Documentation- For landlords, we will make sure to bring only quality renters. Our experts will get their background verification done and will prepare for the tenant’s agreement as soon as the deal finalizes. Having any such requirements? We are just a phone call away and always ready to arrange a meeting in person at your convenient time and location. Give us a call today. Our quality and timely services helped us to establish ourselves as one of the best real estate companies in Connecticut