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Selling your home can be challenging and a little bit stressful, however, with these articles I can help you decide what to do in order to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Selling Your Home Is Longer A Hassle.

Selling a property is both typical and bothering, especially if you are low on resources. To sell a home in Connecticut, you need to gauge the competition, think of strategies to attract potential buyers, evaluate the repair needs, etc. The process is both occupying and time taking, and we are always ready to support you through all the complexity. We can help you make the best returns whenever you plan to sell property in Connecticut. At HJL Realty, we are a team of expert real estate agents who are acquainted with the intricacies the process may involve and can suggest possible solutions to overcome them. Owing to our expertise, loyalty, and knowledge, we can make the process simple and unbiased for all.

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Catering to your selling needs in Connecticut.


We can control the entire process to make it easy and worthwhile. We try to market it well on all possible platforms to attract buyers from all around to sell property in Connecticut


We conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA). CMA compares other similar properties to determine the market value to keep it optimally priced.


We collect all the information that may fluctuate the pricing. The market value of a property depends upon several other factors location, style, structural benefits and issues, integrity, upgrades, appliances installed, etc.


The condition of the property dictates its value, we analyze the condition of the property to price it well and will suggest possible changes that can elevate the pricing further.


The condition of the property dictates its value, we analyze the condition of the property to price it well and will suggest possible changes that can elevate the pricing further.


Our experts will handle it from start to end, from starting to the closing of the deal to let you enjoy the selling process.

Documents needed for Sellers.

Standard Policy and Procedures for Home Sellers.

A prospective home seller(s) will need the following when meeting with an agent of HJL Realty, LLC to commence the process of selling a property:-

  1. A Government Issued Picture ID may be asked and the Agency Policy will be reviewed/discussed.
  2. The seller will be asked to review the current mortgage statement if any to determine the amount owed before deciding on selling.
  3. A Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) will be prepared and ready to be presented to the seller upon meeting if the address of the subject property is known.
  4. Before a final decision is made an agent of HJL Realty, LLC will be visited the subject property. If there is an agreement between the seller(s) and the agent, a contract will then be presented for the seller(s) review and signature (s)
  5. If another party is representing the seller (s), a Government Issued Picture ID may be asked, and proof of Legal Representation will be asked.
  6. Optional: Seller (s) may be asked, if possible, to conduct a formal home inspection to determine if any repairs are needed to be done prior to putting the property on the market to make sure that seller(s) gets the maximum possible $$$ for the subject property.
  7. If a seller owes more money than the subject property can be sold for but the seller(s) still want to sell, other options including but not limited to the short sale will be presented to the seller(s)
  8. Seller (s) will be expected to know an attorney. If one is needed, a list of 3 to 4 will be provided to choose from. If the seller(s) needs help choosing an attorney, HJL Realty, LLC agent will be available to be assisting in every step of the way.

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